Batty Gold 'Thunder Bear'

Batty Gold ‘Thunder Bear’ is an authorized medicine teacher in the ancient Native American Twisted Hairs tradition. With more than 27 years’ experience as a teacher of spiritual sexuality, shamanic healing techniques and ceremonial alchemy, he teaches workshops, seminars and ceremonial journeys in many countries around the world. His personal approach to teaching is to empower individuals to find enlightenment by ‘lightening up’ – gaining knowledge and learning through pleasure. 

Born in 1947 in Vienna, Austria, Batty spent his twenties travelling across Europe, Asia and Africa on a search for meaning and the purpose of life. During this time, he studied a variety of different shamanic and tantric traditions. In 1980, he met Harley Swift Deer Reagan in Austria and decided to make the Sweet Medicine SunDance Way his ‘path with heart’. Four years later he decided to move to the US to live and study with Reagan.

Now, after 32 years’ apprenticeship to the SunDance path, Batty regularly leads Ceremonial Medicine and Adventure Journeys to sacred power spots around the world, especially in Mexico, Guatemala, India, Nepal, Tibet, Australia, New Zealand and the South-West of the US. He also teaches workshops in a wide spectrum of Sweet Medicine SunDance teachings, including Quodoushka, Shamanic Healing Techniques and Ceremonial Alchemy and Magick. His intention in these workshops and events is to translate the wisdom and knowledge of ancient shamanic traditions into language and practices that addresses the specific needs of people in modern societies, without losing the beauty and alchemical power of the teachings in the process.