Quodoushka Level III provides an introduction to the shamanic art of creating magic with your sexual energy. Through exploring the highest levels of pleasure and sexual intimacy, you and your partner will learn how to use your sexual life force energy to define and manifest the world you choose to create. 

During this workshop we focus on transcending our sexual limitations in order to come into the fullness of our powers as co-creators. Through a series of intimate exercises and ceremonies, you and your partner will heal the places you have old wounding, reclaim the power of your spontaneity and naturalness, and clarify your intentions around what it is you wish to create.

In the course of this process, you will pick up the robes of the healer, the devoted lover, the benevolent energy hunter and sexual magician, discovering the gifts of these archetypal energies and understanding how you can use their powers consciously to enhance your relationship. With your partner, you will experiment with the magic of cohesion – an energetic experience of universal oneness in which your awareness is heightened and you experience the blissful ‘zone’ of extended pleasure.

The workshop will conclude with an in-depth exploration of the ceremonial alchemy of sexual magic in which you and your partner will create the seed and egg of that which you desire to birth into your life.

What are the benefits of Quodoushka III?

By attending Quodoushka III, you will:

  • have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the advanced magical practices of Quodoushka
  • experience heightened levels of sexual ecstasy with your partner through learning the practices of integrated arousal
  • learn how to experience multiple orgasms
  • step into and reclaim the fullness of your powers as a magical, sexual, creative being
  • understand how to manifest your dreams through the power of intention and the conscious use of sexual energy.

Who can apply?

To participate in Quodoushka III, you need to have completed Quodoushka Levels I and II. To attend the workshop, it is also necessary to come with a partner with whom you are familiar and comfortable sexually, although you don't need to be in a committed relationship with this person. Couples of all sexual orientations are welcome.

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