On Quodoushka Level IV you will explore some of the most advanced practices of this shamanic tradition. Carefully designed exercises will support you to gain mastery over your sexual energy, enabling you to harness this potent force to rejuvenate yourself at a cellular level, ensuring health, longevity, happiness and harmony in your daily life. In addition, you will learn to create your own sacred sexual ceremonies aligned with the five elements – water, air, fire, water and the void – to support you in your ongoing journey. 

Who can apply?

To participate in Quodoushka IV, you need to have completed Quodoushka Levels I, II and III. To attend the workshop, it is also necessary to come with a partner with whom you are familiar and comfortable sexually, although you don't need to be in a committed relationship. Couples of all sexual orientations are welcome. Currently, Quodoushka IV is only offered in America.

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