Rose Fink 'Thunder Eagle'

Rose Fink ‘Thunder Eagle’ has been studying the Sweet Medicine Sun Dance Path since 1983 and is an authorised teacher in the ancient Native American Twisted Hairs tradition. For more than 20 years, she has offered workshops and seminars worldwide on many different aspects of the cycles of human life, sharing a wide spectrum of knowledge and experience. In her lively and natural way, she empowers individuals to shine and to participate joyfully in the variety and abundance that life has to offer. 

Austrian by birth, Rose spent many years researching various shamanic traditions before she encountered her ‘path with heart’ when she met Harley Swift Deer Reagan. Having apprenticed to this path, Rose now offers Sun Dance teachings in workshops around the world. Her special love is teaching Quodoushka, Healing, Dreaming, Medicine Journeys and ‘Women’s Ways’ – a series of seminars focused on reclaiming the dormant powers and gifts of women. In addition, Rose leads Ceremonial Medicine Journeys to various places of power on earth.

With a vivid and open character, Rose creates a space in which it is easy to expand, rediscover one’s innate naturalness and, above all, learn through joy.