I was caught in a failing relationship. I needed tools and understanding and decided to make an investment in me. Quodoushka opened up my horizons and my self-awareness. I loved the group experience, the openness and the heart-to-heart sharing in a really safe space. When I went back to work the next week, everyone wondered what had happened to me! Quodoushka is a liberating and life-changing experience!
— Matt P, Scientist and Engineer
Quodoushka was fantastic and life since has been truly magical! I’m so much happier and freer in myself. I have tons more energy and am enjoying life so much more. I’ve made lots of positive changes in my life since Quodoushka to create the life that I want – rather than trying to please others. I feel much stronger in myself and am able to say “no” when I need to. I also feel much more connected to my masculine sexual energy and being a beautiful sexy man! This has had a dramatic effect on my love life…. Thanks to you, for a truly life-changing experience.
— A, IT Consultant, Bristol, UK
I went to Quodoushka because I’d heard other people’s enthusiasm and I wanted to find out for myself, even though I was scared of the nudity part and felt quite shy! It was great to find the teachers were really experienced in what they do and the subject was treated with the utmost care, respect and lightness. I met others who shared the same inhibitions as me. I was able to face my fears and learn how to be sexual in my own way without needing to be something I’m not. And I had great fun!
— Colette, School Teacher
I don’t know where to start in summarising my experience of Quodoushka. I came home feeling amazing… I smiled a lot more, I had more energy flashes of strength and inspiration come to me, people seemed to be drawn to me and I felt more connected to the world around me. I learned a lot about myself which will be invaluable.
— D, Yoga Teacher and Acupuncturist, UK
The venue was wonderful; and I can remember clearly having been ecstatic with every flowery meal served. And I felt really at home… pretty good choice. About the workshop itself: really it was a GREAT PLEASURE. I loved all the exercises and I have to say I have become an addict of the one we have to practice at home! I’ve been touched by the encounter of myself – my Self – to find the freedom in the body to reach higher levels of consciousness. To consider sexuality as a meditative healing spiritual practice, in simplicity is a new acquisition of this workshop too. It makes me feel unified and blessed! Sure I will never forget this beautiful, amazing, energizing, unifying workshop. And I thank the Great Spirit for having sent you.
— S, PA, Brussels
I felt so good after the workshop with huge expansion in my heart and a much greater inner trust and self-belief, which I don’t want to go away!!! I have also been aware of things processing and of shifts going on! It’s like an increased optimism…. so many good memories.
— J, Therapist, Berkshire, UK
Take a big step and just do it. The new space and self-understanding is well worth the few moments needed to make the decision to do something out of the ordinary. These workshops gently move you into a beautiful new space, not only sexually, but also in how you walk in the world and relate to the other residents of this planet.
— S, Trainer and Course Leader, Devon, UK
The Q workshops have been the single most impactful thing I have done for enhancing the pleasure, intimacy and passion in our relationship. These workshops give you the knowledge and tools for transformation and change, whether you want them to free and fire up your sex life or to also experience spiritual sexuality. Batty and Rose create a safe open-hearted environment and the whole thing is fun, Fun, FUN!
— Pamela, NLP Trainer and Psychotherapist, UK