This Quodoushka Sweat lodge is built according to the exact alchemy of the Twisted Hairs Sweet medicine Sun dance Path and these "Sweet Medicine" Sweats are like no other, in my experience. in their power to cleanse and transform. The Sea School of embodiment was birthed in one of these Sweat Lodges as have many creations throughout time by the hundreds of people in different parts of the world who have been cleansed with their soul purpose activated in these sweats. The alchemy is exactly the same each time and takes years and years to train in this vast matrix of multi dimensional knowledge to be a sacred pipe carrier and dance chief of one of these sweats. It always feels to me a great honour to benefit from such dedication.

As participants you are given teachings in preparation to support your experience and understanding of the alchemy and history of these specific sweats.

The sweat lodge is an opportunity where all that you have been learning and exploring is digested in alignment with your book of life and the awakenings you have experienced have an opportunity to be supercharged into letting go of all you are wanting to overcome and welcoming into your life all you are wanting to expand with.

"For me, this time, It was a huge relief into waves of gratitude and tears of happiness, of complete serenity and peace along with excitement, love, determination and direction."   - Katie Sarra

Weeks before the Quodoushka retreat, preparations begin for the building of the Sweat Lodge. 48 Hazel saplings are gathered and the trees where we asked for them to come from are blessed and thanked. Blankets are gathered, borrowed, bought and transported for the five layers that will cover the lodge. The wood for the fire to heat up the rocks is sourced and delivered. Crystals and mirrors are sourced to go in each of the 8 directions of the lodge where the saplings will be planted. Sealing mixtures are sourced to surround the lodge for protection and blessing.  50 Basalt rocks are bought and transported to the site. The directional Flags are cut and sewn, Owl, Hawk, Eagle and Raven feathers are prepared for their ceremonial use, tobacco ties are made for each of the four directions and forked sticks are painted to stand in each direction. The ground is prepared with measuring in perfect symmetry where the saplings will be planted and the wood is bent to its yielding points and tied in a lattice creating the structure. The rock pit is dug in the healing position of the wheel. The Altar is sculpted and decorated with flowers between the fire pit and the lodge door. Then everything is blessed and awakened in a pipe ceremony.