Quodoushka was fantastic and life since has been truly magical! I’m so much happier and freer in myself. I have tons more energy and am enjoying life so much more. I’ve made lots of positive changes in my life since Quodoushka to create the life that I want – rather than trying to please others. I feel much stronger in myself and am able to say “no” when I need to. I also feel much more connected to my masculine sexual energy and being a beautiful sexy man! This has had a dramatic effect on my love life…. Thanks to you, for a truly life-changing experience.
— A, IT Consultant, Bristol, UK

Attending one or more Quodoushka workshops can bring many benefits – both to you as an individual, as well as to your intimate relationships.

Benefits to you

Participating in a Quodoushka workshop can support you to:

  • reconnect with the naturalness, beauty and power of your innate sexuality
  • explore the power of giving and receiving sensual, sensitive touch in a safe environment
  • increase your sensual awareness and enable you to develop a deeper connection with your body
  • gain greater understanding of yourself and your needs as a sexual being
  • repair emotional wounds and sexual insecurities, and release your blocks against pleasure
  • through breathing and other techniques, learn to harness the power of your sexual life-force energy to bring greater health, vitality and resilience to your life
  • reach higher levels of orgasm and sexual ecstasy and so transform the quality of your sexual experience
  • balance the feminine and masculine energies within you to bring greater harmony to your experience of life
  • move beyond your limiting beliefs to discover your full potential
  • become more intimate, creative, spontaneous and joyful in your relationships with yourself and others.

Benefits to your intimate relationships

Participating in a Quodoushka workshop can:

  • support you to become a better, more caring and skillful lover
  • expand your capacity to communicate honestly and from the heart, enabling you to create healthy boundaries with your lover and deepening the understanding and connection between you
  • clear away any misunderstandings and resentments that may be undermining your relationship
  • bring you a fuller understanding of what you as a man or a woman need in order to enjoy a rich, healthy and satisfying sex life, and in turn, what your partner needs
  • revive a monotonous relationship by teaching you and your partner how to bring more vitality, compassion and joy to your connection
  • give you the tools and understanding to help you sustain a loving, kind-hearted, passionate and enduring intimacy in your relationship with your partner.